Working with Khan Academy

April 24, 2011

Corporate social responsibility, diversify, working on education sector: people may call Nascenia working with Khan Academy in many names. So, how do we want to call it?

We noticed Salman Khan‘s work in the mid of 2010. That’s after he had been endorsed by Bill Gates in Aspen Ideas Festival 2010. Thanks to Syed Raihan for sharing it on his Facebook status. One man educating the whole world! A descendant from Bangaldeshi soil is working to change how the world will be learning in next decade! Let’s see what he had in his mind:

Salman Khan on TED, interviewed by Bill Gates

What are we doing here? Can’t we join him in any way? That was our first instinct.

Meanwhile Salman received an award from Google by their 10^100 project. Translating in other languages were one of the objectives.

So, I partnered with my friend Arif Zaman who is a professional video translator and dubber, and in my opinion the best in the country. We took the first lesson of Alzebra, translated and dubbed it into Bangla and wrote to Salman with the sample. “… Bangla is the 6th most spoken language in the world… as you are descendant from this soil… you might want to give back…”, I wrote.

He replied! I replied back. We signed a contract in a month. We started a pilot project with Biology, the most difficult among all playlists, I would say.

We  succeeded with the pilot. And here we are completing the entire Science playlists of 381 videos by May 2011! That’s about 82 hours of lecture in Bangla about Physics, Chemistry, Organic Chemistry and Biology.  Learners, go visit Khan Academy Bangla on Youtube or Khan Academy Bangla website, and get some international standard lectures from an MIT and Harvard scholar. And, hey! He will be talking in Bangla for you this time 🙂

Back to the question we asked ourselves at the beginning of this post. What do we want to call it?

We call it passion. We are proud to be driven by that rather than the lessons in MBA classes :).

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zillur rahman
April 25, 2011 12:11 pm

really a wonderful initiative.

i think a different milestone.

hope to get more.

thank u.


Syed Iftekharuddin Ahmad
April 26, 2011 3:50 am

great news!

will sure try to spread this message as far as possible.

all the best.

Namul Hasan Tipu
May 1, 2011 6:55 am

When I heard about Khanacademy for the first time from the CEO of Nascenia, I became curious and I love the idea of disseminating world class education for free and concepts of this form of learning. His lesson delivery is awesome and to me is unmatchable. Congratulations Sal for his ground breaking initiatives and Nascenia for becoming partner with Khanacademy. I think the future of education is here… I agree with Bill Gates.

I think this is the beginning of a wonderful concept of education through utilizing information technology and I wish all the best to Nascenia for partering with such revolutionary initiatives of Salman Khan.



keep going bro…

Israfil Sarker Repon
May 14, 2011 2:56 pm

When time i get khan academy bangle video really i m exited. Hartley thanks for nascenia IT. I say nascenia IT priority translate math immediately because its essential for our country.Pls try to contract with Mr.Salkhan for our SSC & HSC level math video. Sorry for my poor English. I wait for bangla basic math video. Best of luck Nascenia IT.



Really awesome 🙂 but this domain is not working. I found this
I can feel the happiness you guys got after completing it.


Thanks Amit for pointing out. The site was down temporarily. We fixed it.


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